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Aluminium Filler Wire

Aluminium Filler Wire is a popular welding material used by welders of all levels. Its chemical composition includes pure aluminium, with small amounts of other trace elements like silicon, magnesium, and copper. These elements create a mixture that enhances the wire's strength, conductivity, and durability. The filler wire's composition also determines its melting point, which is crucial for welding applications. The low melting point of aluminium makes it ideal for welding lightweight materials, like aluminium alloys, without compromising the integrity of the materials. The combination of its chemical composition and low melting point makes aluminium filler wire a reliable choice for welding.

Aluminium filler wire is an essential welding resource known for its high strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. It is a preferred metal for welding aluminium alloys, and its properties make it suitable for both manual and automated welding applications. The addition of aluminium filler wire can improve the integrity of a joint, prevent fractures and reduce the risk of porosity. This versatile material is used in various industries, including aerospace, marine, automotive and construction. Some typical applications of aluminium filler wire include welding heat exchangers, fuel tanks, pressure vessels and bridges, to mention a few. Its ability to provide high-quality welds and low distortion makes it a favourite amongst welding professionals worldwide.



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