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Aluminium Forged Fittings

Aluminium forged fittings are used when higher levels of strength, durability and pressure resistance are required. They possess an array of chemical compositions ranging from a variety of different elements or alloys such as aluminium alloy 5083, 6061-T6 and 2024. Each composition holds its own individual properties that make it suitable for certain applications. Forging creates the malleability to deform the alloy into precision components with longer grain flow, thereby increasing its strength. After forging is complete, chromate coating is applied if desired for corrosion resistance and decorative finishing needs. The chemical element in aluminium forging results in a lightweight yet robust fitting with impressive temperature and weight loads capable of enduring extreme industrial conditions.

Aluminium Forged Fittings are commonly utilized in tubing in various industries due to their high durability and cost-effectiveness. These fittings possess excellent corrosion resistance and provide strong mechanical continuity for their joints. Aluminium Forged Fittings have a wide variety of applications, including water, steam and oil pipelines. Because of the superior strength of the aluminium alloy, these fittings are frequently used in construction, shipbuilding and mining operations to ensure a reliable connection system. Additionally, thanks to their chemical properties, Aluminium Forged Fittings are perfect for organic compounds in pharmaceutical and heat-transfer projects as well as hydrocarbons such as petroleum or fuel-containing compounds like propane and butane. In summary, their incredible mechanical strength combined with their infinite chemical resistance make Aluminium Forged Fittings an indispensable part of all installation projects requiring maximum safety standards.

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