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Aluminium Tubing

Aluminium tubing is a metal alloy composed primarily of lightweight yet strong material. In addition to aluminium, the alloy contains other metals, such as silicon, copper and zinc, depending on its intended application. Aluminum has been used for centuries in many fields due to its excellent thermal characteristics and versatility. Its corrosion resistance makes it popular in applications exposed to the elements. The addition of other alloys increases strength and temperature tolerance while preserving its lightweight advantages. Because of this unique combination of properties, aluminium tubing is an ideal choice for numerous industrial applications that require high performance and reliability under stress.

Aluminium tubing is perfect for many uses due to its lightweight, corrosion-resistant and durable properties. As a manufacturer, using aluminium tubing near me can be an excellent way to ensure superior quality and reliable performance for your products.The metal is incredibly desired for its superior conductivity, making aluminium tubing ideal for transporting fluids or gases and projects requiring heat transfer. It can also be used in HVAC systems as a great material choice for a variety of light-duty applications.

Further, aluminium tubing is bendable when using special equipment, allowing engineers to design intricate works with its defined form. Its natural strength creates strong connections that are suitable for outside installations without the need for additional materials. Aluminium tubing will retain these strengths even after long exposure to high temperatures or humid air, which makes it an ideal component when constructing long-term machinery and structures


What is the Pressure Rating of Aluminium Tubing?

The pressure rating of aluminium tubing depends on the alloy and thickness of the material. Generally, aluminium tubing has a pressure rating between 1,000 psi (6.9 MPa) to 8,000 psi (55.2 MPa). For more specific information on pressure ratings, please consult your supplier.

What are the Applications of Aluminium Tubing?

 Aluminium tubing is commonly used in many industries due to its lightweight properties, corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio. Some applications include aerospace structures, automotive components, marine structures and air conditioning/refrigeration systems.

What are the Advantages of Aluminium Tubing? 

Aluminium tubing offers numerous advantages compared to other materials such as steel and iron. These include its lightweight, high corrosion resistance, good conductivity for heat and electricity, ease of machining and forming capabilities. Additionally, aluminium tubing does not require any additional protective coatings or treatments for extra protection against elements like saltwater or humidity.

What is the Density of Aluminium Tubing? 

The density of aluminium tubing typically ranges from 2.7g/cm3 to 6g/cm3, depending on its alloy composition and wall thickness. The exact density will vary depending on any additional components that may be included in its manufacturing process as well as other factors such as temperature or humidity levels during storage or transportation.

What is the price of Aluminium Tubing?

The Price Range For Aluminium Tubing Products Is ₹240 To ₹300 Per Kilogram.





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