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Armox 500T

Armox 500T plates are produced from iron ore and an alloy of salt. This combination yields steel that is highly resistant to corrosive influences. These plates also include 0.25% chromium, enhancing their corrosion-resistant properties. Armox 500T steel has a tensile strength of around 1400 Mpa, meaning that it can take substantial impacts without being damaged or deformed. Due to its impressive strength, weight ratio and chemical makeup, Armox 500T Steel is leading the way in many high-specification industries such as automotive and defense.

Ballistic Steel Armox 500T plates are the best quality plates made from the best quality raw material. These are being designed to be used in front and back plates; they are maintenance-free and are also made of a compact design if you are the one who is searching for the best goods that provides you with excellent protection and give great performances.

Armox 500T Steel plates are made from the best quality material and are made, making all the national as well as international standards kept in mind. They provide you with high ductile, nonmagnetic properties and high tensile strength. They provide you with excellent welding ability as well. Armox steel Plate is a high-strength steel widely used in various industries, from military vehicles to building structures. It offers unparalleled protection against kinetic energy projectiles and explosive materials, making it an ideal material for ballistic solutions. However, with its superior quality and advanced technology come higher costs. The armox 500t price varies depending on several factors, including the quantity purchased, shipping location, and application requirements. Despite the high cost, Armox steel Plate is an investment worth making for those needing top-of-the-line ballistic protection. The demand for tough and reliable materials for defence and security purposes has never been higher. And for that reason, manufacturers and engineers continue to rely on innovative solutions to meet these needs. Enter Armox 500t cena, an ultra-high-hardness steel plate that can withstand multiple impacts from bullets, blasts, and even knives.

Armox 500T Steel plates specifications

Thickness: 4.0 and 80.0 mm.

Range: 4 - 30 mm

Dimensions: T: 3 - 15 mm

Equivalents: EN 10029 EN 10051

Density: approximately 7.8 grams per cubic centimetre (g/cm^3).

500T Armox Steel Plate Properties (Physical)

Thickness (mm): 3.0 - 80.0

Hardness (HBW): 480 - 540

Yield Strength RP0.2 (Min MPa): 1250

Tensile Strength RM (MPa): 1450 - 1750

Elongation A5 (MIN %): 8

Elongation A50 (MIN %): 10

Benefits of Ballistic Steel Armox 500T plates

These are the plates with market-leading steel protection, superior workshop properties, and optimized solutions; they are provided with perfect hardness and blast protection. They are tested at every stage to give the best quality product. The plates are certified to provide the customer with the best satisfaction with the best Armox 500t price.

FAQ's for Ballistic Steel Armox 500T Plates

C * (max %): 0.32

Si * (max %): 0.4

Mn * (max %): 1.2

P (max %): 0.015

S (max %): 0.010

Cr # (max %): 1.01)

Ni # (max %): 1.81)

Mo * (max %): 0.7

B * (max %): 0.005

* Denotes - The steel is grain-refined. Intentional alloying elements.

# Denotes - For plate thicknesses >70 mm Cr ≤ 1.5 and Ni ≤3.5

Armox 500Ti high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 500 HBW. It is designed for applications that require very high levels of ballistic protection. Some of the key mechanical properties of Armox 500T include: * Yield strength: > 860 MPa * Tensile strength: > 960 MPa * Elongation at break: > 8% * Charpy impact energy (unnotched): > 50 J at -40°C Please note that these values may vary slightly depending on the specific production batch and the thickness of the material.

Price may vary based on various factors. In general, it ranges between Rs 225/kg to Rs 350/Kg based on the thickness and compositions.


Grade: ARMOX 550T

Used for: Armored

Dimensions: T: 3 - 15 mm

Standard: EN 10029 EN 10051

Armox 500T is designed to provide a high level of ballistic protection and is not specifically designed for corrosion resistance. However, the steel used in the production of Armox 500T is alloyed with small amounts of elements such as chromium, manganese, and molybdenum, which can improve its corrosion resistance to some extent. In general, Armox 500T should not be considered a corrosion-resistant material, and it may require additional protection (such as painting or galvanizing) in environments where corrosion is a concern.

The welding process for Armox 500T armour steel plate typically involves using a low-hydrogen electrode, such as an E7018 or E70T-1. It is essential to preheat the material before welding to reduce the risk of cracking and to control the cooling rate after welding to minimize the formation of tricky spots. Post-weld heat treatment may also be necessary to achieve the desired toughness and hardness. It's also essential to use proper techniques to avoid warping or distortion during welding. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's recommendations or consult a professional welder for adequate welding for Armox 500T.

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