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Armox 500T

Ballistic Steel Armox 500T plates these are the best quality plated that are made from the best quality of raw material. These are being designed to be used in front and back plates; they are maintenance free and are also made of compact design. If you are the one who is searching for the best goods that provides you with great protection and give great performances.


Benefits of Ballistic Steel Armox 500T plates

These are the plates that are provided with market leading steel protection, superior workshop properties, and optimized solutions; they are being provided with perfect hardness and provide you with blast protection. They are being tested at every stage to provide them with the best quality product. The plates are being certified to provide the customer with the best satisfaction.


Ballistic Steel Armox 500T plates are made from the best quality of material and are made making all the national as well as international standards keeping in mind. They provide you with high ductile, nonmagnetic properties and high tensile strength. They provide you with great welding ability as well.

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