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MIL A 46100

Do you wish to buy the ballistic steel MIL A 46100 plates that are made with controlled physical properties? If yes, then you are at the right place because you will get to know what makes the plates highly useful in various applications. They are military spec steel that exhibits high level of hardness and is available easily at online store. They are used in high velocity projectiles and are useful to protect vehicle and structures from sniper and other weapons such as HPVs.


For manufacturing different products, different level of thickness is required. The steel used can withstand high temperature and is quenched to sustain all level of protection. They have ductility limit and the surface hardness can lie between 534 BHN and 477. You can buy the product with different specifications, dimensions and lengths.  


The size of product must be such that it perfectly defends and the distance round must reach the target easily. There are lots of benefits of buying the product online such as you will get wide variety of product with entire specifications and lengths.  You can place order for desired specifications such as length, width and thickness.

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