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MIL A12560

Ballistic Steel Mil A12560 Plates are known for superior quality and protection. Their chemical composition is of the Cr-Ni-Mo type, including chromium, nickel, and molybdenum alloys, increasing their strength and durability. The high levels of thermal resistance render this steel plate suitable for temperatures reaching up to 800°C. Furthermore, the added power from these alloys allows the Ballistic Steel Mil A12560 Plates to remain functional even after being exposed to various corrosive materials for long periods. Its unique chemical composition makes it highly resistant to pressure and other impact forces, making it a popular choice for bulletproofing applications.

Ballistic Steel Mil A12560 Plates are used in many applications, most notably as armor to protect people or property. This type of steel is incredibly durable; it can withstand tremendous force and remain undamaged. It is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making it an ideal choice for various uses outside armor-making. The properties that make Ballistic Steel Mil A12560 Plates beneficial for ballistic protection include their high hardness, strength, formability and weldability. All of these factors together result in the perfect material for creating strong and lightweight armor, allowing occupants to stay safe without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to their vehicles.

FAQ's for Ballistic Steel MIL A12560 Plates

Ballistic steel mil A12560 plates have an HSN code of 8311 30 00. Its uses include military armoring and bulletproofing.

Welding ballistic steel mil A12560 plates requires special techniques, such as tig welding. Ensure protective gear is worn and the area is well-ventilated for safety.

Ballistic steel mil A12560 plates are not magnetic as they are heavily alloyed with non-magnetic materials.

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