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Ballistic Steel MIL A12560 Sheet

Ballistic Steel MIL A12560 sheet is a type of steel designed for impenetrable armour used in military vehicles and other protective applications. It is composed mainly of Martensitic Carbon Steel Alloy that provides high hardness and strength characteristics and superior corrosion resistance from extreme temperatures or environmental conditions. The BALLISTIC STEEL MIL A 12560 also has Chromium, Manganese, and Vanadium added to its composition, which helps increase its tensile strength even further.

Ballistic Steel MIL A12560 Sheet is a high-hardness armour steel used in applications requiring enhanced ballistic protection. It is designed for demanding military and law enforcement vehicle applications, offering superior protection against ballistics and multiple impact threats. It meets or exceeds the safety standards of various defence agencies, making it an ideal material for armoured vehicles and other protective structures.

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