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MIL A12560

There are numbers of companies’ available offering the best quality of Ballistic steel MIL A12560 plates in wide comprehensive ranges. These are produced by making use of high quality of raw materials and thus making it ideal for various kinds of applications in industries. To manufacture the product of very good quality the producers are effectively doing an inspection of the entire production process of these plates. The inspection is done by expert representative so that they could look at the work going on and ensure that production process is good enough in providing good quality of the product.


Through regular inspection company is easily able to identify weakness during the production process and takes necessary steps to overcome make production effective.


The Ballistic steel MIL A12560 plates are produced by keeping national and international product standard API, ASME and ASTM in mind. To make the production highly effective the various kinds of testing are given importance. These are like hardness test, intergranular corrosion test, radiography test, ultrasonic test, bend, and impact test, flattening test, flaring test, positive material identifying test etc. This makes a product of good quality without doing compromising.

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