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Ballistic Steel Ramor 500 Sheet

Ramor 500 is a ballistic protection steel of high hardness designed mainly for vehicular use. It contains alloying elements such as carbon and manganese, increasing the material's hardenability and improving ballistic performance. The composition of Ramor 500 includes 0.45 - 0.50% Carbon, 2–3 % Manganese, 1% Chromium, 0-0.6% Molybdenum and small additions of phosphorus and sulfur to improve its mechanical properties, making it ideal for applications that require maximum protection against ballistic threats.

Ballistic Steel Ramor 500 sheet is a hard, lightweight, bulletproof material with excellent ballistic properties and high hardness and strength. It offers extreme protection against explosions, fragments and other ballistic threats, such as armor-piercing bullets. Moreover, it's also corrosion-resistant, heat resistant and weldable, making it suitable for various applications in industrial fields like automotive manufacturing or construction sites.

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