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The beryllium copper C17000 alloy bars are abundantly used for numerous industrial purposes due to good thermal conductivities and excellent high electrical conductivities. The percentage of beryllium can differ as the wrought alloy strengths differ. In order to obtain great strength, the alloy is aged hardened or hardened precipitation. The microstructure of alloy containing alpha copper grains makes it suitable for various industrial applications. The bar has the capacity to withstand or tolerate numerous temperature ranges perfectly without getting cracked or damaged.


UNS C17000, ASTM B196, ASTM B194, ASTM B570, SAE J461 and SAE J463 are equivalent copper alloy designations. Some of the welding methods of copper are soldering, coated metal arc, seam welding, spot welding and oxyacetylene welding. It can be forged perfectly at 649-816° C and has machinability rate of 20%. The bars also have a good cold and hot working property that enables it to withstand in all weathers.


Bearing and welding electrodes are common applications of beryllium copper bars. You can buy this incredible copper bar from trustworthy and authentic site. Or else you can have a bar with desired specifications and detailing.

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