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The Beryllium copper alloy C17300 bars contain exceptional strength that makes it best for automatic machining. They are perfectly being used in numerous application fields due to excellent corrosion resistant property and high workability. They are used as relay parts, coaxial connectors, fuse chips, etc depending on the purpose. Due to its robust properties they are available in various sizes, shapes, grades and are also available in customized form as per client’s demand. Many manufacturer and supplier enforce mainly in providing quality product to their clients and you too can avail benefits from them.


The material used to make the bar is beryllium. A typical bar has outer diameter as 0.060-2.00 mm with copper type alloy. It has standard as UNS C17300 and can be processed perfectly without any difficulty. The bar can have different shapes and the most common are round bars, rod bars ad round wire wires. The rods have international specifications as ASTM B196 and QQ-C-530 and for wires it is ASTM B197 & QQ-C-530.


You can buy beryllium copper bar from a trustworthy supplier or manufacturer so as to get benefited with high quality product. For desired properties order for customized bars with desired details.

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