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Another name of Beryllium Copper Alloy C17500 Bars is a cobalt beryllium copper alloy that is mainly used in industrial applications which need electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. These bars are made of high content cobalt, that is why it has enhanced hardening and strength attributes. The product can tolerate conductivity in the range of 50% of copper and has elevated tensile strength. Because of its conductive and strength properties, it searches for the uses in several fields like fuse clips, spot welding tips, spring connectors, washers, die-casting plunger tips and more.


Now, talk about its specifications that always meet the international standards and made by using high quality and certified materials. The outer diameter of these copper alloyed bars is ranging from 0.060 to 2.00mm and it is only available in one type that is “Copper Alloys”. There are two processing of the bars- welding and seamless. The bars also come up with upgraded version every single year and to keep in mind the constantly increasing needs of industrial sectors broadly. You can get copper alloyed bars in any quantity from the traders at market leading rates.

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