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The Beryllium copper alloy C17510 bars are primarily utilized for various purposes due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivities. Also, the bars offer good hardness characteristics and strengths that can be coupled with various conductivity ranges. The ultimate tensile strength can range up to 140 kilo pound square inch and the hardness level up to RB100. They are typically being used as instrumental parts, relay parts, fuse clip and heavy duty equipments. Due to great workability they are available in numerous sizes and shapes with different grades.


The diameter of solid bars is ¼”-6” and end product specification is ASTM B441. The material used is Beryllium and the type is copper alloy. It has UNS C17510 as standard with seamless or welding processing. This alloy is similar to that of Beryllium copper C1700 alloy.


Many manufacturer aims to offer high quality copper bars at reasonable price and you too can buy one such bar for desired purpose. Check the details and specifications as the product reaches your doorstep and make use of the product that enables it to offer high performance. You can order a customized bar with desired size, shape and standard based on the requirement

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