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Brass 260 Coil

Brass 260 Coil is a highly malleable copper alloy with up to 70% zinc composition, high corrosion resistance, and excellent strength properties. It can be formed into intricate shapes such as coils, springs, rods, tubes and wires by machining or stamping. This brass alloy is frequently used for applications requiring good electrical conductivity or mechanical strength in marine environments.


Brass 260 Coil is an alloy of copper and zinc that exhibits superior strength, excellent flexibility, and outstanding corrosion resistance. It has many uses within the automotive, aerospace, electrical engineering and plumbing industries, as it can form complex shapes using conventional machining processes. Its properties make it an ideal choice for plumbing fixtures such as valves, faucets, fittings and more due to its ability to resist corrosion by exposure to water or most acids. Brass 260 Coil also combines well with other metals, such as aluminium or steel, which gives it further versatility in many manufacturing applications.

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