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Before you get Brass 360 Bars, you need to know something about it so that your purchasing does not prove wrong and you can complete your task well. By the way, this grade bars is best and appropriate to be used in industrial applications, because it is carrying some excellent features like attractive appearance, easy to work and non-corrosive. These bars can be machined, sawed as well as drilled with ease. Also, you can get it in sizes from 1/8” – 11/2” and1/4” – 3” widths. You can also get desired sizes and shapes of the bars upon appeal. Most common fabrication methods for the bars are rolled threading, machining, and knurling.


Brass 360 Bars give smooth gold-like looks that are simple to polish. These bars can be used for decorative objectives as well. Now a day, the bars are being used in some typical applications like pump shafts, screw machine parts, fittings, circuit board relays, bushing, connectors, pump shafts, coupling and many more. The bars are very ductile and soft and that is why it can be twisted or bent with ease.

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