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Brass 63/37 Foil

Brass 63/37 Foil is a type of copper alloy made from 63% copper and 37% zinc combined with other trace elements. It is highly malleable and ductile due to its high copper content, making it ideal for electrical components, coins and ornamental items. This foil also has superior corrosion resistance to pure metals like zinc or brass. Its softness also makes it suitable for crafts such as jewellery making.

Brass 63/37 foil is a unique combination of metals with many uses in industrial and commercial applications. It combines copper's strength with zinc's malleability for an alloy that can be used for everything from decorative finishes to electronic components. Its high corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and strong formability make it ideal for various tasks. In addition, its flexibility makes it suitable for forming intricate shapes.

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