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Brass bolts are used due to their aesthetic and physical properties. These bolts product is utilized because of their outstanding features like high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance properties. It is suitable for use in hot and cold environments and many more. The brass bolt is mostly non-magnetic than any other fastener product and is resistant to tarnishing. Brass is a softer metal, requiring more care and a pilot hole to be driven before the installation of brass nuts. These solid brass bolts are available in various grades, materials, dimensions, shapes, and sizes. These are manufactured as regular patrons demand and are readily available on any online/offline vendors.

What makes them so reliable is their composition of copper and zinc, which gives them a high level of malleability while at the same time providing excellent conductivity. Copper offers great fixation between the parts connected with its superior strength, while adding zinc increases the material's corrosion resistance. This combination makes brass bolts one of the most preferred fastener options for those looking for quality and durability in their materials.

They can also be used around the household for general construction work or hanging pictures on walls. Beyond this valuable role of securing things together, brass bolts also have an excellent aesthetic property given their golden hue reminiscent of other yellow metals like gold.

Brass bolts are versatile and come in various shapes and sizes to suit every application. Small brass bolts are perfect for smaller projects that require strength and durability, such as large wooden structures. Large brass bolts offer increased strength and resistance, making them invaluable for large-scale industrial projects like scaffolding. Brass split bolts provide the most reliable connection points when joining two pieces of material together. In contrast, brass wing bolts are ideal for securely joining sheet metal with just one quick movement. No matter the type of brass bolt needed, something is sure to be available!

The Brass bolts product is readily available in the fantastic price range. These bolts are manufactured following national as well as international standards. It comes in many types, such as brass hexagon set screws, brass washers, brass full nuts, brass lock nuts and many more. The brass fasteners product is available in various finishing like zinc plating, nickel plating and more. These bolts are sold in bulk form and are subjected to testing to ensure the quality of the product and are delivered with test certification.

FAQ's for Brass Bolts

Brass bolts are typically used when a solid and corrosion-resistant fastener is needed. Common examples include marine, automotive, plumbing and architectural projects.

Installing a brass bolt is similar to installing any other kind of bolt. Secure the mating parts with washers and nuts, then use a wrench or socket to tighten until snug but not overtightened.

Yes, brass bolts are durable and can withstand wear and tear over time if properly maintained and installed correctly.

Generally, The price of brass bolts is around Rs. 10/piece or Rs. 350/Kg. Get a quote by contacting our suppliers to get the current rates.



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