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Brass C23000 Coil

C23000 Brass Coil is an alloy of 67% copper and 33% zinc. It offers excellent machinability, corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and a relatively low cost. This versatile alloy is used to manufacture plumbing fixtures, fasteners, ornamental hardware components, locksets, tools & bolts. It is known for its ductility and malleability, making it ideal for use in applications requiring strength and tight tolerance.

Brass C23000 Coil is a popular copper-zinc alloy with excellent formability, corrosion resistance, and decent machinability. Its superior tensile strength and malleability make it ideal for applications that require intricate shapes or tight tolerances, such as light fixtures, hinges and brackets. It also offers good electrical conductivity, making it suitable for electrical components such as connectors and switches.

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