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Brass C23000 Foil

Brass C23000 foil, also known as Red Brass Foil, is an alloy made of 85-88% copper and 5-12% zinc with trace amounts of lead. This metal has excellent corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity due to its composition. Moreover, this high-quality product has great forming capability, providing superior material strength and making it ideal for several industrial applications, including shielding and gasketing in the automotive industry.

Brass C23000 Foil is commonly used in aerospace and automotive equipment for its non-sparking, non-magnetic, and corrosion-resistant properties. It also has good wear resistance, excellent formability and workability, plus high electrical conductivity. Furthermore, it can be soldered or brazed to other materials for joining purposes. As a result of these qualities, it is often used to construct parts such as valves, fittings, switches, gears and fuel pumps.

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