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Brass C26000 bolts are made of a combination of different metals. The primary metals used in this alloy are copper (Cu) as the main component, with zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) added as secondary components. This alloy provides high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for many applications.

C26000 Brass bolts are widely used for various applications due to their excellent properties. They provide good strength and excellent corrosion resistance, as well as high electrical and thermal conductivity. Additionally, these bolts can resist wear and are easy to machine and form. They can be used in a variety of applications such as plumbing, automotive, aerospace, construction, electronic components, and many other industrial applications.

FAQ's for Brass C26000 Bolts

Yes, Brass C26000 bolts are highly corrosion resistant due to their high copper content. They provide excellent protection against salt sprays and acids, making them an ideal choice for many applications where protection from outside elements is necessary.

No, Brass C26000 bolts are not magnetic. They have low magnetic permeability, which allows them to resist magnetic fields and makes them an ideal choice when electrical shielding or degaussing is required.

Brass C26000 Bolts Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

C26000 brass is an alloyed material used in many construction applications. It stands out as a particularly sturdy material due to its ability to resist corrosion, offering a long-term durability not found with other materials. Its ductility also makes it advantageous when being constructed into various shapes and sizes that are used for various applications. Through its mechanical strength, it withstands wear and tears for extended periods of time with little maintenance required.

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