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Brass C26000 Bolts are also identified by 70 or 30 is zinc alloyed with copper. These bolts are of warm yellow color or tone and it is mostly found in bolts and others. Its grade C2600 is known as cartridge brass as it has classically been for ammo shells and cartridges. The uses of it are wide-ranging such as applications in electrical consumer, plumbing consumer as well as architectural Industries. These cartridge brasses also called spinning brass which is capable of undergoing critical drawing and forming as well. These are available with distributors in different kinds of shapes, outlines, and sizes even dimensions too.


Not only this, from its specifications to productions decided by international standards. And before this, they are arrived to be tested in the government authorized laboratory and where they have to go through main three inspection process. Using different kinds of methods they are tested well and then send for the third inspection party to confirm its last production. Without going through third-party inspection, Brass C26000 Bolts can’t be certified and get the tag of 100% originality.

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