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This kind of stud bolts are being usually made of zinc alloyed with copper. It is most often known as cartridge brass since it is been for cartridges and ammo shells. These are usually of yellow color or tone. The Brass C26000 Stud Bolts are being used for wide variety of applications especially being used for plumbing, electrical, architectural industries. The cartridge brass can also be referred as spinning brass because of its capability of undergoing critical drawing. These fasteners are readily available in various sizes, shapes and dimensions. The specifications and productions are completely being decided by the international standards. It has to go through the third-party inspection in order to receive the certification. These are usually being tested with different methodologies .The chemical composition of the bolts helps us in knowing about the constituents of it. It consists of 68.5-71.5% of copper, 0.07% lead, 0.05% iron and the remaining is zinc. The mechanical property helps us in knowing about the bolts closely. The tensile strength of the fastener is 45-61 ksi. The elongation property of the bolt is 53%.


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