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The chemical composition of brass C2680 plates is made up of 60% copper and 40% zinc. This alloy is commonly used in various parts, including washers, screws, nuts, and machinery components. It has excellent machinability characteristics as well as superior strength and corrosion resistance compared to other brass alloys. It can also withstand elevated temperatures without losing its workability or strength.

Brass C2680 Plates are widely used in many industries due to their excellent properties. In addition to being highly corrosion-resistant and strong, brass C2680 plates have superior machinability characteristics that make them ideal for fabricating parts with complex shapes and sizes. It is also widely used in architectural applications due to its aesthetic appeal. The hardness of the alloy makes it suitable for high-stress environments such as oil and gas production, aerospace engineering, motorsport engineering, and more.

FAQ's for Brass C2680 Plates

Yes, brass C2680 plates are highly corrosion resistant. The alloy is composed of 60% copper and 40% zinc, two metals that are known for their corrosion-resistance qualities. Additionally, brass C2680 plate have excellent machinability characteristics and can withstand elevated temperatures without losing its workability or strength.

No, brass C2680 plate are not magnetic. The alloy has no ferromagnetic properties and thus is non-magnetic. This is beneficial for many applications since it does not interfere with sensitive electronic components or instruments.









Brass C2680 Plates Starts At Rs 1100/Kg To Rs 1300/Kg

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