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Brass 27000 bolts are produced by using hot and cold forged methods that too in both metric and imperial sizes. And their brass bolts are manufactured as per the specification standardization of ISO and DIN which makes them reliable in national as well as international markets. They are available in different temper such as ¼ hard, Y hard, R hot rolling, T ultra hard as well as soft. Its thickness is from 1 to 150 mm and width is from 600 to 3000 meters. Its length is in between 2000.0 to 2500 mm.



 These bolts are crammed using ends capped to cover its both ends, in the shrinking-crammed bag and then into cardboard or wooden box. They are supplied to the users safely and without having any scratches.

These brass bolts have to specify with the standards of ASTM, and ASME tests. Another thing that makes them more useful is their surface finish. Thus, these Brass C27000 Bolts are given finishes such as electroplating, oil-free surface and hot dip tin plating and else. So, now you all know about these brass bolts and their specifications.

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