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Brass C27000 Foil

Brass C27000 Foil comprises Copper (Cu)- 60% and zinc (Zn) - 40%. The alloy is known for its excellent durability, workability, and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for various commercial applications, including electrical components like resistors or terminals. It also provides excellent dimensional stability when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Brass C27000 foil is an alloy of copper (62-67%) and zinc (30-35%). It has excellent corrosion resistance, heat exchanger properties, and unbeatable malleability. Its superior electrical conductivity makes it popular for high-frequency applications such as shielding cables or printed circuit boards. The brass foil can also be used in various decorative items due to its attractive colour and appealing texture. In addition, the C27000 alloy is so strong that it can be stretched into tough wire without breaking apart. This makes it suitable for many industrial purposes, like manufacturing products with intricate details.

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