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Brass C27000 stud bolts are composed of copper, zinc, and small amounts of other elements such as iron and lead. The exact proportions of the components will vary depending on the manufacturer, but generally, this alloy contains 67% to 69% copper, 30% to 32% zinc, and 1.2% to 2.5% lead.

Brass C27000 studs are highly versatile and have a number of uses and properties. They offer resistance to corrosion, strength, conductivity, ductility, malleability, and easy machinability. They are often used in applications such as decorative fixtures, locks and hinges due to their strength and durability. Additionally, they can be used in electrical applications due to their conductive properties.

FAQ's for Brass C27000 Stud Bolts

Brass C27000 Stud Bolts Start From Rs. 12/Piece To Rs. 16/Piece

No, brass C27000 stud bolts are non-magnetic. This makes them ideal for use in electrical applications since they will not interfere with other materials that may be affected by magnetic fields. Additionally, their low electrical resistance makes them excellent at transferring electricity.

Yes, brass C27000 stud bolts are highly corrosion-resistant. The copper in the alloy makes it resistant to salt water and acids, while the zinc helps to protect it from general corrosion. This makes brass C27000 an ideal choice for marine environments as well as other applications where corrosion-resistance is required.

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