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Brass C27000 Tubing is an alloy consisting of 70% copper and 30% zinc. It also contains trace amounts of iron, manganese, aluminium, lead, and silicon. While the zinc content gives the tubing mechanical strength and durability, the copper provides it with superior corrosion resistance.

Brass C27000 Tubing is used for a variety of different applications due to its properties. It is strong and durable, resists corrosion, has good electrical conductivity, and can be easily soldered or welded. Additionally, it has low friction, making it well-suited for plumbing and other water systems. Its high thermal conductivity also makes it ideal for heat exchangers, cooling systems, and radiators.

FAQ's for Brass C27000 Tubing

Brass C27000 Tubing  Starts At Rs 710/Kg To Rs 850/Kg

No, Brass C27000 Tubing is not magnetic. This is because it contains a high amount of copper, which is non-ferromagnetic, meaning it does not attract a magnet. It also contains zinc, aluminum, lead and silicon which are all non-magnetic elements.

Yes, Brass C27000 Tubing is corrosion-resistant. This is due to the high copper content, which provides it with superior durability and strength. Additionally, it has a natural ability to resist corrosion caused by moisture or air in marine and other wet environments. It also stands up well against most acids and alkalis, making it an ideal choice for applications where chemical resistance is necessary.

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