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Are you in need of Bolts which is made of using ideal metals? If your answer is yes, then directly opt for Brass C27200 Bolts as they are easy to carry and install even maintain too. They are made using the paste of zinc and copper and both of them are ideal to be used in different applications. Using some advanced machines and technologies they are made by the designers and their specifications are ensured by international standards.


They are available in different temper such as ¼ hard, Y hard, R hot rolling, T ultra hard as well as soft. Its thickness is from 1 to 150 mm and width is from 600 to 3000 meters. Its length is in between 2000.0 to 2500 O mm and minimum copper is 99.85%.



These bolts are crammed using ends capped to cover its both ends, in the shrinking-crammed bag and then into cardboard or wooden box. They are supplied to the users safely and without having any scratches.

Another thing is what about its surface finishes. Thus, these Brass C27200 Bolts are given finishes such as electro plating, oil-free surface and hot dip tin plating and else.

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