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The Brass C27200 Stud Bolts have a slightly higher copper content compared to its previous versions. They have 65% copper in the lead, zinc has the second highest composition after copper and lead and iron in trace amounts. The addition of zinc makes it stronger and the higher copper content increases it electrical and thermal conductivity. They exhibit high corrosion resistance, formability, and moderate strength, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. They are also known for their appearance as the yellow metal giving it a good aesthetics due to which it is often used for decorative purposes.



They used in diverse platforms for their superior properties. They are typically used in applications requiring high thermal and electrical conductivity with a combination of moderate strength. They are used industrial purposes for cold headed parts, heat exchanger shell fasteners and pump cylinders. these brass based stud bolts can also be given a Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Polishing, Sand blasting, Anodizing to enhance their look and feel. They are also a perfect find to resist wear and tear due to friction on the long run.

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