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Brass 27400 bolts are known to be one of the most used products in the category of bolts of brass. They are designed mainly of two main metals that are copper and zinc alloy. They are made in such a way that they have features such as wear-resistance, machinability, high strength, color, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, ductility, antimicrobial as well as electrical conductivity. These bolts are used worldwide because of the above-mentioned features. They have high tolerance value which means they can survive even in all the harsh conditions as well. They can be used in seawater applications because of its anti oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.


Brass C27400 bolts are easy to use and can be worked with it easily. You can use this product at any level and they are pitting, crevice and erosion resistance. They are used to fix one object to another object tightly.  These are available in the wide range of sizes, shapes, and types. One can buy as per their desired shapes and sizes in order to accomplish their project. They are all the specifications are assured by international standard.

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