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The Brass C27400 Fasteners is manufacture under the inspection of testing team and it follows various industries norms. Brass C27400 are most known and used products in the category of bolts of brass and it has high in demand. You can buy this brass bolts and fastener from any reliable website at economical rates. These bolts offer features like high ductility, good thermal conductivity, antimicrobial, anti-corrosive property and others. This grade of the brass fastener is used worldwide and is suitable for any harsh condition as well. This bolt can be used in seawater applications due to its anti- oxidation features.


Specifications of Brass C27400 Fasteners -

Anyone can buy Brass C27400 Fasteners at desired shapes, sizes and dimensions in order to accomplish their project work. These brass bolts are assured by international standards and have manufactured as per DIN and ISO standards. It has ASTM/ ASME Standards. This product is packed and covered by the wooden pallets/cartons to protect from the external damage condition. This bolt material is subjected to a various test in order to ensure the quality of the end product.

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