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Are you in the confusion that which grade nuts you should choose for your industrial applications? If the answer is yes, then directly opt for Nuts Brass C27400. Although, this is made up of brass, it is very strong and hard and never breaks easily. It is the choice of many industrial departments because of its high tensile strength and even corrosion resistance feature. It can be used under any range of temperature because of its high tolerance property as well. Also, manufacturers have started manufacturing, after seeing the day by day increasing demands of domestic customers and industrial sectors.


The product Brass C27400 Nuts is present in the market in the wide range of sizes, lengths, and shapes, thus customers can receive it keeping in mind their necessities and the size of the project. As compared to others, C27400 is high grade and quality product. The color of it is pale yellow and comes with different certifications and finishing treatments. It is used in the applications like automotive, kick plates, flashlight shells, radiator cores, handrails, socket shells, reflectors and more. Also, its ISO certification proves its originality and high quality.

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