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Brass C28000 Foil

Brass C28000 foil is a type of copper alloy that contains 70 per cent copper, 30 per cent zinc, and small amounts of iron and lead. It is known for its exceptional electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it has excellent forming characteristics and can easily form into intricate shapes. This makes it popular in manufacturing applications where fine details are essential, such as circuit boards or intricate machinery parts.

Brass C28000 Foil is a lead-free, malleable alloy of copper and zinc. Its properties make it suitable for various industrial applications such as heat exchangers, medical implants, electrical components, and architectural cladding. It offers excellent corrosion resistance in both indoor and outdoor applications due to its high copper content. Zinc also increases its tensile strength while still providing formability at room temperature. Its strength and flexibility make it ideal for intricate parts used in many industries.

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