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The chemical composition of Brass C2801 Plates consists chiefly of copper (60-63%), zinc (25-30%), and tin (1.5-3.5%). Trace elements such as lead, nickel, and antimony may also be present in small amounts. The brass alloy has outstanding resistance to corrosion and is highly resistant to a variety of corrosive media, making it an ideal choice for plumbing applications.

Brass C2801 plates are typically used for a variety of applications, including decorative and architectural elements, fencing, electrical connectors and switches, plumbing fixtures, and fittings. Brass C2801 plates exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, good formability, weldability, high strength and modulus of elasticity, as well as superior corrosion resistance. It also features excellent bearing properties which make it suitable for marine applications.

FAQ's for Brass C2801 Plates

No, Brass C2801 Plates Are Not Magnetic. This Alloy Is A Non-Ferrous Alloy And, Therefore, Does Not Contain Any Iron Or Other Ferric Elements That Give Metals Their Magnetic Properties. It Features Excellent Thermal Conductivity, Good Formability And Weldability, High Strength And Modulus Of Elasticity, And Superior Corrosion Resistance.

Price Of Brass C2801 Sheet And Plates Starts At Rs 510/Kg To Rs 550/Kg

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