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Brass C2801 plates are being used very extensively for stamping, deep drawing, forming, machining and polishing. They have a bright yellow color that makes them best suitable for the ornamental and architectural purpose. These are the plates that are being highly used in automotive, marine engineering, telecommunication, aerospace, and oil and gas explorations. The packing of these brass plates is of high standards. They are packed with extra safety so that the order reaches safely to its customers.


We are one of the leading manufacturers, importers, exporters, and dealers of Brass C2801 Sheets. There are various types and forms of brass plates that are being available to the people. They are available in various customized shapes and sizes as per the customer order being made. Standards of the plates are taken care as they are made both in national as well as international standards. The materials used for making the plates are well tested and are certified as well. The testing of these plates is done after every stage of manufacturing so that no problems are being faced at the last stage of production.

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