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Brass C33000 tubing is an alpha-beta alloy with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as good corrosion resistance. It also has excellent formability, strength, and ductility, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The chemical composition of brass C33000 seamless tubing includes copper (Cu) 57.5-61.5%, lead (Pb) 0.15% maximum, iron (Fe) 0.35% maximum, zinc (Zn) 0.50% maximum and tin (Sn) 0.25% maximum.

Brass C33000 tubes are versatile materials with a range of uses. The alloy is commonly used for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems, as well as automotive and electrical applications. Its properties make it ideal for applications that require high strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent electrical/thermal conductivity. Its malleability also allows it to be machined or fabricated easily into almost any shape desired.

FAQ's for Brass C33000 Tubing

Brass C33000 Tubing Starts At Rs 410/Kg To Rs 450/Kg

No, brass C33000 tubing is not magnetic due to its non-magnetic properties. It is made from a specific alloy that does not contain any ferrous metals, which makes it one of the most popular materials for use in electrical and electronic applications. Its non-magnetic nature also allows it to be used in certain medical devices, as well as other pieces of equipment which require a high level of reliability without risk of interference from external magnetic fields.

Yes, brass C33000 tubing is corrosion resistant thanks to its copper-base alloy composition. The copper in the alloy helps to provide superior resistance to acidic solutions and a wide range of corrosion environments. It can also hold up against salt water and other chemicals, making it an excellent choice for applications where corrosion is a concern.

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