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Brass UNS C36000 are made of a copper-zinc alloy consisting of approximately 67% copper and 33% zinc. Additionally, the alloy contains small amounts of other elements such as iron, manganese , silicon, lead, aluminum, and arsenic. This combination of metals gives Brass C36000 hex bolts an excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance. The material is highly durable and provides superior performance in applications where resistance to corrosion is required.

Brass C36000 u bolts are typically used in engineering applications such as structural fasteners and aircraft parts. They are also great for use in the electrical industry due to their non-magnetic properties. In addition, they offer superior strength and corrosion resistance for use in areas where these qualities are required. Some of the other key properties of C36000 brass bolts include excellent wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, good machinability, cold formability, and high strength at elevated temperatures.

FAQ's for Brass C36000 Bolts

Brass C36000 Bolts Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

No, Brass C36000 Bolts are not magnetic. This is due to the presence of non-magnetic elements such as copper and zinc in the alloy. As a result, these bolts have been used extensively in engineering applications that require a non-magnetic fastener.

Yes, Brass C36000 Bolts are highly corrosion resistant due to their unique combination of elements. The copper content provides a barrier against oxidation while the zinc enhances the material's ability to resist pitting. This makes Brass C36000 Bolts an ideal choice for applications where resistance to corrosion is a key requirement.

As a result, many choose to look for its equivalent grade counterpart- relatively similar properties at a more cost-efficient price yet less traceable and reliable sources in comparison. Grade 464 Naval Brass can be seen as an adequate substitute with qualities nearly identical to that of C36000 brass bolts.

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