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Brass C36000 Nuts is ideally compatible with soaring speed machining operations along with this superb machinability property. It is brass and copper product that never gives bad corrosion resistivity property. It has some superb benefits such as excellent formability, good conductivity, moderate strength properties, and more. Also, it always keeps maintained the international quality of standards such as DIN, BS, ASTM, ASME and more. It has own advantages and attributes, that makes it a high quality product than others. Also, it can be purchased from the marked in custom made sizes, lengths, shapes and dimensions. It is used for industrial applications and even domestic objectives at a high level.


Brass C36000 Nuts is good for using under critical conditions and capable of tolerating high temperatures and low temperatures also. You can get this product at the affordable rates from the online market suppliers. After seeing the great benefits and usability of it properly, manufacturers have started making it in tons, so that industrial sectors can complete their projects. Now, we talk about its packaging that is completed in wooden or metal cases and then supplied to the clients safely.


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