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Brass UNS C36000 are composed of primarily copper and zinc, with trace amounts of lead and manganese. This combination of metals gives the nut unique properties such as resistance to corrosion, non-magnetic nature, durability, and high thermal strength. Additionally, the fastener is easy to machine or form making it ideal for intricate designs.

C36000 brass nuts are commonly used in a wide range of applications such as electronic products, automotive components, medical devices, and plumbing systems. The main properties of these nuts include their non-magnetic nature, resistance to corrosion, compatibility with leaded and other non-ferrous alloys, high strength, good ductility, and tolerance to high temperatures. Additionally, the nuts are easy to machine or form making them ideal for intricate designs.

FAQ's for Brass C36000 Nuts

Brass C36000 Nuts Starts At Rs 13/Piece To Rs 16/Piece

No, Brass C36000 nuts are not magnetic. The combination of copper and zinc makes them non-magnetic, allowing for use in applications that require the fastener to be non-magnetic.

Yes, brass C36000 nuts are corrosion resistant. This is due to their composition of copper and zinc, which creates a protective layer that prevents the nuts from corroding or reacting with other metals. Additionally, these nuts have an excellent resistance to many chemicals.

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