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Brass C36000 Screw, they are made with copper, alloy, lead, and zinc. They are well known for free cutting and machining brass as they provide you with 100% machinability rating. They are also one of the best from which all other standards alloys are being compared. Brass C36000 Screw is said to be strong and strong, and high strength that is for leading steel. They provide you with machinability and strength. They are mostly used in copper alloy and ideal for automatic screw machine.


The most common use Brass C36000 Screw is consumer goods, hardware, medical and all the automotive applications. They are being highly used in high machining applications and are required for drilling, turning and milling. They also provide you with great Weldability.


Brass C36000 Screw is made with good quality of raw material; the materials are well tested and are certified to achieve customer satisfaction. They are available to you in various dimensions as per the customer demand. They are well known for corrosion resistance and provide you with great strength as well. They are well used in industries like oil, gas, and other food processing industries.

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