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Brass C36000 washers are composed primarily of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn), with small amounts of lead (Pb), tin (Sn), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), and iron (Fe). This combination of metals makes the washer highly corrosion-resistant and also provides it with superior strength, water resistance, and other necessary properties for use in tough environments.

C36000 Brass washers have many uses, including fastening and joining parts that require superior corrosion resistance. The washer’s high zinc content makes it ideal for use in applications where saltwater or other corrosive environments are present. Additionally, the washer's excellent wear and tear protection make it a suitable choice for outdoor or marine use. Its superior strength and durability also make Brass C36000 spring washers highly resistant to vibration, making them suitable for use in moving parts or equipment.

FAQ's for Brass C36000 Washer

Brass C36000 Washer Starts At Rs 13/Piece To Rs 16/Piece

No, brass C36000 washers are not magnetic. The combination of iron, copper and zinc found in brass C36000 washers makes them non-magnetic. In addition to being non-magnetic, this material is oftentimes used for parts that require superior strength, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Yes, brass C36000 washers are highly corrosion resistant. The washer's high zinc content makes it especially suitable for applications where corrosive environments or saltwater are present. Additionally, the material is known for its excellent wear and tear protection, making it a great choice for outdoor or marine use.

Washer C36000 brass is a type of alloyed brass consisting of 8.5%-10.5% zinc as well as a combination of lead, iron, and other elements. This specialized alloy offers robust strength, excellent formability and higher resistance to corrosion than other grades, making it ideal for construction components such as fittings and connectors, marine equipment and electrical switches in challenging environments. Washer C36000's chemical composition provides optimum performance under constantly changing temperatures and conditions.

Look no further! A highly cost-efficient substitute is SAE J461 alloy 360 brass, which is ideal for applications that require bearing and wear resistance. This alloy is strong and easy to machine, making it perfect for parts that will be exposed to chemical corrosion. An economical option for those needing superior performance!

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