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The Brass C36000 washer had been suited for the high speed machining operation that too with its superior machinability for thread rolling and knurling characteristics. It had been used for the fasteners as like hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, socket cap screws and machine bolts. The other parts contain the slotted screws, stud bold and threaded rods. The fasteners nuts as like the hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, think jam nuts and plain flat washers.


It had been used for building hardware parts as like the lock bodies, hardware and other fittings. Its fasters in the bolts, nuts and screws and in industrial it had been used for the faucet components and for the fluid connectors, union adapters and automatic screw machine parts so on. In the plumbing brass goods had been used for faucets stems and for faucet seats had been used for plumbing fittings. The Brass C36000 washer produces the cold forged and hot forged method that had been used in both metric and imperial sizes and mostly it had been manufactured as per the DIN and ISO standards.

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