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Brass C37000 Foil

Brass C37000 Foil is a copper alloy containing zinc, tin, and lead. It is also known as yellow brass due to its golden colour. This alloy offers excellent machinability, flexibility and thermal stability, which make it an ideal material for electrical components and musical instruments. It has great corrosion-resistance properties due to the tin composition, which prevents oxidation. Additionally, its high fatigue strength provides reliability even under continuous load cycling.

Brass C37000 foil is a strong, corrosion-resistant alloy with high strength and flexibility. It has excellent machinability and is used in various applications such as electrical components, decorative hardware, furniture parts, fasteners, healthcare products, etc. Its properties include good corrosion resistance to acidic environments, good wear resistance for extended periods, and an ability to be easily formed when cold or hot-worked.

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