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The chemical composition of Brass C37710 Screws includes primarily copper, with tin and zinc making up the other two main components. The exact proportions of these elements vary depending on the specific type of brass being used. Copper is responsible for the strength and malleability of the material, while zinc adds corrosion resistance and tin improves workability.

C37710 Brass Screws have excellent strength and corrosion resistance properties, making them a great choice for many applications. The material is also resistant to extreme temperatures, allowing it to be used in outdoor or marine applications. It has good workability due to its malleability, meaning it can be easily machined and formed into complex shapes. In addition, its high electrical conductivity makes brass c37710 screws suitable for use in electrical components and wiring systems.

FAQ's for Brass C37710 Screw

Brass C37710 Screw Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

No, brass c37710 screws are not magnetic. Brass is a type of non-ferrous metal, meaning it does not contain iron and therefore cannot be affected by a magnetic field. This makes brass c37710 screws an ideal choice for applications where magnetism could interfere with performance or accuracy.

Yes, brass c37710 screws are corrosion resistant. The copper-zinc alloy used for brass c37710 screws creates an extremely hard material that is highly resistant to corrosion from environmental factors such as humidity and salt water. This makes brass c37710 screws a great choice for outdoor applications or in areas with frequent contact with moisture or chemicals.

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