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The brass is a binary alloy that had been composed up with copper and zinc. It had been produced by millennia as well it would be valued for its workability and hardness. It is an corrosion resistance and it is used for manufacturing the fasteners as like the hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, slotted screws, stud bolts, threaded rods and it also contains the spilt lock spring washed and dowel pins. Brass C37710 washer had been produced by the hot forged method in both metric as well as the imperial size and based on your needs you can make use of them.


Through using this sure you can able to give grip as well as you can able to join the two different metals as one. When you see it single, it would seems as unimportant but they plays the major role in construction and in plumbing works with the Brass C37710 washer you can able to easily join and make use of it effectively. You can able to find the different set of washer based on the size of screw you can buy and fit it.

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