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Brass C44300 Foil

Brass C44300 Foil is a tin-lead brass comprising 67% copper, 28.5% zinc, 2.1% lead, and 2.4% tin. It's recommended for decorative purposes and general manufacturing applications, such as easily forming intricate shapes or creating beautiful designs, thanks to its ability to be etched and stamped easily. It's also corrosion-resistant compared to other materials like steel, making it perfect for use in saltwater environments since it won't rust from the salt content in the water.

Brass C44300 Foil has many uses, including electrical components, plumbing fixtures, automotive parts, industrial machinery and more. It is highly corrosion-resistant and offers a great combination of strength and malleability. Its high conductivity levels make it perfect for electrical applications that require heat transfer or insulation. Finally, brass C44300 foil is often used in aerospace engineering projects such as airframes and spacecraft construction due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio.

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