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CA 345

Choosing the right product for your industrial application is necessary as it helps you in production process efficiently. If you are one among those searching for the best quality and grade of forged fittings then we would recommend you to buy Brass CA 345 forged fittings. Yes! These are one of the best qualities of forged fittings made of brass alloy. It even consists of other elements like nickel, copper, and chromium in a smaller amount. Further, the raw material used for the manufacturing of fittings is well inspected and tested by quality expertise who in turn offer raw material test certificate.


Specification and certification


Brass CA 345 threaded forged fittings are based on both national and international specifications and standards that include few other standards like ASTM, ASME etc. The size of these forged fittings ranges from 1/8 NB to 4 NB and as per customers requirement as well. When these fittings are complete to be delivered various tests are done at different temperatures so as to assure fittings quality and durability. Furthermore, to prevent these forged fittings from damages and rust they are packed in wooden cases or boxes.

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