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Brass Forged Fittings

Brass Forged Fittings are composed primarily of copper, zinc, and lead. Copper serves as a primary component, making up 67%, while zinc accounts for 24-30%. Lead is present in smaller amounts, generally 1-3%. These varying ratios can create a range of properties within the brass alloy, making it suitable for various applications. Using lead in forging the brass helps improve machinability while providing increased corrosion resistance. Key components such as iron and arsenic may also be added depending on the desired characteristics within the forged material. When selecting brass fittings for specific applications, it is essential to consider the precise chemical composition and properties.

Brass Forged Fittings are a popular choice and have many beneficial properties. They have superior tensile strength, making them an ideal option for providing superior protection in environments where standard fittings would not usually suffice. Furthermore, brass is corrosion-resistant and has excellent welding capabilities, meaning it can be used as a joint to hold heavier objects together. Their non-magnetic properties also mean that they can provide an efficient alternative for installations where electrical or magnetic interference could affect the performance of a fitting. As such, Brass Forged Fittings are often used in various applications, from industrial construction projects to residential plumbing systems.

FAQ's for Brass Forged Fittings

The HSN Code for Brass Forged Fittings is 7307 90 00.

Welding Brass Forged Fittings requires special techniques and equipment. It is important to use a clean, pre-heated welding surface and to ensure that the brass surfaces are free from dirt, oil, or any other contaminants before welding. Additionally, it is important to use the appropriate filler metal for the application that is compatible with brass.

The Price Range For Brass Forged Fittings Products Is ₹4500To ₹5500 Per Piece.



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