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Brass Screw

Brass screws are a type of metal fastener made primarily from brass and various alloy metals. Assorted brass screws can be found in many standard hardware stores and DIY marketplaces, as they are very popular due to their malleability, water resistance, and overall affordability. These metal components can be used for various purposes where standard hardware might not meet the requirements. Depending on their chemical composition, the particular screw brass product may cost more or less than other brass metal screws - brasses with higher copper content tend to be more expensive than those with the higher zinc content. Price lists for assorted brick screws can usually be obtained by getting a free quote from any vendor if you arrive with an idea of what kind of screw brass you need for your applications or repairs.

If you seek the best industrial screws, you are in the right place. Prefer brass screws for outstanding performances. As you know, brass tends to resist corrosion. It is suitable for corrosive environments. It is a much safer screw for industrial work. It is compatible to heat and does not deform below the melting point. These properties of screws make them popular amongst engineers. Overall you can trust these screws to enhance your fittings.


Advantages of using Brass Screw 

The chances of any failures are negligible in these screws. With advanced technology and machines, they are designed for excellent surface finish. It improves the quality of your assembly and the life of joints. The brass Screw will quickly tighten to any complicated fittings. ASTM, IS, and DIN is common standards of screws. Packing will be done in wooden boxes; your ordered screws not damage at the time of delivery. All of the features you get at the most reasonable prices. 

FAQ's for Brass Screw

The Harmonized System Nomenclature (HSN) code for brass screws is 7318.15.00.

Brass screws come in various sizes to suit any project, from tiny 6-32 thread size screws to large 1/2 inch diameter fasteners.

Typical applications for brass screws include plumbing fixtures, electrical devices, furniture and cabinet hardware, door hinges, and decorative items.

Yes, brass is naturally resistant to rust and is used in outdoor settings due to its durability in wet conditions.

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