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Brass Washer

Brass washers are unique components used for a variety of applications. These washers are made from copper, zinc, and trace elements such as lead, iron, aluminium, manganese, and nickel. When these metals are combined in the proper ratios to achieve a desired level of strength and flexibility, brass washers can be created with varying hardness. Using an alloying technique known as strain hardening can also increase the hardness of brass washers beyond what would usually be achieved by adding certain trace elements. Additionally, specific washers can be coated with electroplating to customise brass-based components' properties further. Overall, brass washers are highly customisable components widely used across many fields due to their versatility and toughness.

Brass Washers are versatile and valuable hardware tools often used in plumbing, automotive and other mechanical applications. They are constructed of an admixture of copper and zinc, properties that give them excellent corrosion resistance. Moreover, they have good electrical conductivity and are especially helpful where galvanic protection is needed due to the presence of metals with different reactivity. A prevalent use for brass washers is for joining pipes, ensuring a strong seal when the washer is sandwiched between pipe and fitting. As their strength increases with increased hardness, brass washers are incredibly durable. This durability makes them ideal for higher temperatures and greater pressure loads. With this plethora of uses and properties, it's no surprise why brass washers remain one of the most popular choices for industrial needs worldwide!

Types of Brass

Brass washers are versatile components in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications.

Small brass washers are commonly used in electronics and delicate machinery, while large brass washers are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as construction or automotive.

Thin brass washers and thick brass washers can be used as shims to fill gaps or provide additional support.

Brass shim washers are handy for precise adjustments due to their thin profile.

Brass flat washers offer a wider surface area for distributing pressure, while brass spacer washers can be used to create a gap between two components.

Polished brass washers have a shiny finish that adds an aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for decorative purposes.

Solid brass washers are made from a single piece of material and offer excellent strength and durability compared to other fasteners.

Overall, brass washers' versatility and range of properties make them an essential component in many industries and applications.


These brass washers have ASTM specifications which justify their shape, size, and other properties. These standards make them nationally and internationally qualified for use for various purposes. Though they have a predefined length of 3mm to 200mm, they are also custom-made as per the need of our customers. These brass washers have various types, such as flat, spring, rugged, spiral, etc. Get a free quote for our products for the best service and delivery. We will ensure the product is tested and quality checked before delivering it to you.



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