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The chemical composition of Carbon Steel A105 Flanges typically consists of iron, manganese, carbon, and trace amounts of other elements. The typical arrangement is 64-67% iron, 0.25- 0.30% carbon, 1.00- 1.05% manganese, and small percentages of silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur. These flanges have excellent strength properties, corrosion resistance, and machinability, making them suitable for various applications such as valves, pumps, pipe fittings, and pressure vessels.

A105 Carbon Steel Flanges have many uses and properties; they are robust, durable and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for various applications. They have excellent machinability, tensile strength, and a low coefficient of friction, making them suitable for high-pressure systems such as valves, pumps, and pipe fittings. Carbon Steel A105 Flanges also has good formability and can easily be welded, brazed, or soldered. Additionally, these flanges are efficiently manufactured in different sizes, shapes, grades, and configurations, ensuring that the correct fitting is available for any particular application.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel A105 Flanges

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are not magnetic; however, they can be magnetized due to their ferromagnetic properties. They are composed mostly of iron making them weakly attracted by magnets. This magnetic attraction is not strong enough to make them suitable for most applications requiring magnetic properties but can still be used for applications such as radiation shielding and noise reduction.

Yes, Carbon Steel A105 Flanges are corrosion resistant due to their high chromium and nickel content. These flanges have excellent esthetic and mechanical properties making them suitable for applications in aggressive environments such as salt water, hot air, acidic atmospheres and extreme temperatures. Additionally, the chromium content helps make these flanges rust-free ensuring that they can withstand tough environmental conditions without corroding or deteriorating.

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