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A106 Gr A

There are a lot of pipes available in the market with high standards and specifications. But, if you ask an experienced person or manufacturer about high quality and grades of pipe, the only answer that you will hear is Carbon steel A106 Gr A pipes. Yes! These pipes are high in demand due to their high strength and corrosion resistance features. These pipes are used in various applications and industries such as fluid and gas transportation. These pipes are available in different types such as welded, fabricated and seamless pipes. These carbon steel pipes cover national and international standards and packaging. You can get these pipes in different dimensions, shapes, and sizes as per your requirement and order.

Specification of Carbon steel A106 Gr A pipes

Well! If we talk about it carbon steel pipes specification then these pipes as we said not only cover national and international standards but include other standards like ASTM, ASME, and ANSI. However, the size of these types varies from type to type. If it’s a seamless pipe then its size ranges from ½ NB to 24 NB and if it is welded pipe then its size is from 6 NB to 100 NB.

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